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Disability Tax Guide

This article has been written by Colin Bruce, Technical Officer at the Low Incomes Tax Reform Group. If you have a disability, and use direct payments to employ a PA, […]

Direct Payments

What are Direct Payments? Who gets them? How can they be used? What are Direct Payments? Direct Payments are money paid by the Local Authority to a person who has […]

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Tips to Save Money

Here are some ideas about ways that you may be able to save money on essentials, if you have a disability, are elderly, and receive certain benefits, and/or have a […]

Crisis Loans

Click the links to go straight to more information: What is a crisis loan? When can I claim? Notes about defining a crisis How much is a crisis loan? How […]

Community Care Grant

What is a community care grant? • Money to help with needs like household items, certain travel costs or for an emergency or disaster. • Money to help if you […]

Cold Weather Payments

Cold Weather Payments are dealt with by Job Centre Plus Cold Weather Payments are made during periods of very cold weather. You can get it if: You or your partner are […]