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Although we have all grown used to the DDA providing protection against disability discrimination, the current law in this area is the Equality Act 2010, which brings together various different pieces of anti-discrimination legislation.
This part of the site looks at good design practice and products to help businesses ensure that they are being fair to disabled customers and staff. It is a legal requirement to make “reasonable adjustments” to physical features of your premises to remove barriers that prevent disabled people from accessing your services.
For interest, the Equality Act 2010 covers all these areas:
• age
• disability
• gender reassignment, which covers transsexual people
• marriage and civil partnership
• pregnancy and maternity
• race, which includes ethnic or national origins, colour and nationality
• religion or belief
• sex
• sexual orientation
Click for more details about the provisions of the Equality Act 2010
The Independent Living disabled access area covers:
Access Audits which enable you to find out how accessible your business is
Accessibility for people with mobility problems
Sensory Impairments
Learning Disabilities and cognitive impairments
Impaired Dexterity

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