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Care Beds is the area where you can find products relevant to bedrooms in care environments – residential care homes, hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, and community care settings.
Hospital Beds contains information about functional nursing beds, also known as profiling beds; as well as high low beds; mattresses; bed rails, cot sides and bumpers
Night-time Sleep Systems is where you will find postural management systems to maintain good posture when lying down
Pressure Relief Mattresses has information about pressure care, including solutions for individuals at low, medium and high risk of developing pressure damage
Bed & Chair Protectors – products to help manage Incontinence

Evolve pressure care mattress from ArjoHuntleigh

Pressure Relief Mattresses

Independent Living has an area dedicated to general advice about pressure relief, including the latest NICE guidance on prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. This is the link. NICE guidance […]

Night-Time Sleep Systems

Night-time postural management sleep systems are an important complement to daytime systems for people with complex needs Developed by physiotherapists working with children who lack control of their lower limbs, […]

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Hospital Beds

This section is concerned with hospital beds, also known as care beds or nursing beds, designed for individuals with special needs. A proper assessment by a suitably qualified professional is […]