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On average, we spend a third of our lives in bed. People with chronic illnesses or disabilities are likely to pass even more of their time in the bedroom. This section is dedicated to making it as comfortable and convenient as possible.
An adjustable bed, also sometimes called profiling bed, can be adjusted automatically to make the user as comfortable as possible. It is usually combined with a technologically advanced memory foam mattress, for maximum comfort.
Pillows are another big contribution to comfort, alongside other elements such as sheets, fleecy blankets and mattress toppers. The “Comfort in Bed” section also includes more specialised products, such as pillow lifts.
The right bedroom accessories can make life easier: a discreet commode chair takes care of urgent trips to the bathroom, while an over bed table makes eating, drinking, reading the papers and other diversions more manageable. Other accessories such as bed raisers and incontinence protection are also covered.
These are the products you can find on the Bedroom Products pages:
Bedroom accessories – commodes, tables, bed raisers, etc
Comfort in bed – pillows and padding
Adjustable beds – various specialist models

Kinderkey Stellan

Kinderkey Stellan

Stellan is a complex care system This safe sleeping system is constantly developing, in order to improve the comfort and safety of people living with a range of care issues. […]

Drive Medical side wedges

Bed safety accessories

Apr 18, 2016

Drive Medical bed safety accessories Side wedges, an alternative to bed rails Side Wedges are available with or without a connecting sheet, and have been designed to prevent residents from […]

Easylink wireless alarm system

Bedroom alarms & controls

More than 20 years expertise in bedroom alarms Medpage Limited T/A Easylink UK have produced bedroom alarms for over twenty years and are a leading supplier to the healthcare industry […]

Levate pillow lift

Levate Pillow Lift

Apr 15, 2016

The levate pillow lift is an electrical reclining backrest that can be used on a conventional bed Simplicity is one of the key factors of the levate pillow lift, making […]

EZ adjustable bed rail from Able2

Safety and comfort in bed

Able2 has an expanding range of bedroom accessories to help with improving safety and comfort Bed rails can help prevent falls The EZ Adjust bed rail, shown here, is unique […]