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The lounge and kitchen area brings together all our resources to make life easier in both of these rooms.
The kitchen may need some adjustment to enable a person with disabilities to manage independently. Fortunately, there are now height adjustable and freestanding kitchen units available in various kitchen ranges. You can view these, as well as various nifty fittings to make a kitchen more user-friendly in our design section.
Arthritis, stroke and other conditions can all lead to reduced dexterity and a weakened grip, which can make preparing food and other kitchen chores more difficult. Check out a range of utensils that have been designed for using one-handed, or with little or no effort. And finally, as far as the kitchen is concerned, a useful section to help with eating and drinking, for anyone who finds these essential daily activities a challenge.
Comfortable seating – that you can get in and out of easily – is a must-have element of any lounge. We take a look at powered rise and recliners for luxurious comfort, as well as alternative forms of seating that you might not have considered. If you have a favourite chair that is no longer easy to use, there may be a solution for that also.
If you suffer with backache, as many of us do, the back support section will be of interest to you.
What are you up to when you are sitting in your lounge? Whether it’s watching TV, reading or pursuing a hobby, there are some useful aids to make it easier.
Links to the pages you can find in the Lounge & Kitchen section:
Kitchen Design accessibility for all users
Easy Utensils food preparation made easy
Eating & Drinking Aids to help with various conditions
You might also like to review our extensive kitchen safety feature in the advice centre
Comfortable Seating – rise and recliners, fireside chairs, chair raisers, and some alternative seating options
Back Support from cushions to massage units
Help with Hobbies

Help with Hobbies

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Eating & Drinking Aids

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Easy Utensils & Food Prep

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Kitchen Design

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