Changing Places

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All the news about fully accessible Changing Places toilets!

The Changing Places campaign, run by the Changing Places consortium which includes PAMIS and Mencap, and sponsored by Aveso, is probably the most important initiative in the disability access field for the last 20 years. By focusing on provision of fully accessible public toilets, it supports the rights of people with profound and multiple learning and/or other physical disabilities, to access their community. Without such assisted toileting facilities, people may be restricted to their own homes, or face the indignity of being changed on the toilet floor.


Clos-o-mat sponsors Changing Places on Independent LivingIn this area of Independent Living, we will be featuring news about the campaign, including the individual campaigns, very often run by dedicated parents and carers, which lead to Changing Places installations. We also have information about just what is required in a fully accessible facility, and look out for the “diet version” of Changing Places…


If you are campaigning for Changing Places in your neighbourhood, or you have any experience to share about truly accessible toilets, we’d like to hear from you! You can comment on any of the stories in this section, or email if you prefer.


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Changing Places at Square Chapel Halifax

Square Chapel Arts Centre, Halifax

Changing Places for Square Chapel Redevelopment A redevelopment central to the new cultural quarter in Halifax is delivering first-class facilities, for all, right through to its toilets! The town’s Square […]

Changing Places at Orbital retail park

Two Lovely New Changing Places

Clos-o-Mat has installed new Changing Places in Swindon and Cornwall “An even better experience for our customers” is extending through to the toilets in North Swindon. The town’s Orbital Shopping […]

Championing Changing Places

Championing Changing Places

Oct 10, 2016

There are now 878 fully accessible Changing Places facilities around the UK. The majority of them come about because of tireless campaigning by groups and individuals dedicated to enabling seriously […]

Changing Places Awareness day

Changing Places Awareness Day

19th July is Changing Places Awareness Day, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the campaign for fully accessible public toilet facilities Urgent Run between Changing Places in the City and Westminster […]