Shower Seats & Chairs

Track-mounted shower seat from Pressalit Care
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Shower seats

A shower seat makes a great addition to a shower enclosure: essential for a disabled person, but very welcome for anyone, particularly if the shower is replacing a bath: think about how often you perch on the edge of a bath – to dry your feet, for example.

Seats come in a range of different styles and prices, from simple wall-mounted plastic or wooden benches, to comfortably padded models with arm and backrests.

A portable stool (left) that can be easily moved away if not required is great in a small shower or bathroom. This one can be adjusted in height to suit different users.

picture of adjustable height shower stoolIt is important to ensure that any wall-mounted seat is securely fixed and offers safe support for the user. An innovation from Pressalit Care is a horizontal and vertical track system, to which support features such as a shower seat (shown above on the right) can be added as required. The track allows for supports to be repositioned according to the needs of different users.

Shower Chairs

picture of assisted shower chairFor users with more reduced mobility, a shower/WC chair can make the shower and toilet more easily accessible.

There is a wide range of self-propelled and attendant-assisted shower chairs available from many different manufacturers. For restricted areas, the model on the right, which has large wheels at the front, is ideal.

Part of an increasing trend towards multi-functional products that save time and space, the commode on the left is a modular, height-adjustable chair that can be used in the shower, over the toilet as a free-standing toilet seat raiser, or next to the bed as a commode chair.

image of Nordic Care's Swift commodeWith removable padding for the seat and backrest, it has an integral pan with lid and handle, to facilitate easy hygienic removal for cleaning.

The seat can be angled slightly forwards, making it easier to stand up, and the sturdy legs have been designed to cope with uneven floors without wobbling.

Made from a corrosion-free combination of polypropylene and aluminium, this commode has a maximum user weight of 130 kg.

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