Belinda Schwehr on the Care Act

Belinda Schwehr on CASCAIDr

Apr 11, 2017

In this podcast, I am talking to Belinda Schwehr from Care and Health Law, about her new project, CASCAIDr, a radical new approach to ensuring that people can access proper […]

NHS Change Day

NHS Change Day

Welcome to the Independent Living podcast. I am talking here about NHS Change Day, with Dr Jonathan Griffiths, a Cheshire GP and Chair of the Vale Royal Clinical Commissioning Group. […]

Remap award-winning cutlery holder

The Remap podcast

Jul 13, 2016

The Remap podcast involves contributions from five people: Remap volunteers, Harry Kirby, Brian Unitt and Graham Stabler, and Sue Brown and Hazel Coleman, both of whom have had solutions designed […]

Blind Veterans UK

Blind Veterans UK Podcast

In this podcast, I am talking to Jo Gray, from sight loss charity Blind Veterans UK. Formerly known as St Dunstan’s, Blind Veterans UK has been in existence since 1915, […]

Flat Spaces, Hampshire

Tom Yendell on Flat Spaces

Jun 01, 2015

In this podcast, I am talking to Tom Yendell, Board Member of the International Association of Mouth and Foot Painters (AMFPA), but not about his work as an artist. Instead, […]