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1. Quingo Flyte Docking Scooter | Quingo Scooters

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1. Quingo Flyte Docking Scooter

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A breakthrough in portable mobility. 
The self-lifting 5 wheel mobility 
system that’s changed everything.
You can see the unique Quingo Flyte in action in this short video:

The portable scooter market is the largest sector in the mobility industry and Quingo, who have already set new benchmarks in the areas of stability, agility and comfort with their popular range of advanced 5 wheel scooters have just launched their breakthrough self-loading portable scooter system.
Perfectly blending big scooter performance with portability and without the need for dismantling or lifting heavy scooter parts, the Quingo Flyte comprises of the vehicle itself, an on-board remote control unit and a dedicated removable, docking station. The system allows the Quingo Flyte to be remotely driven into a user’s car, docked securely during transit and effortlessly driven out again at the final destination.
The Flyte provides great stability, agility and comfort with its unique tri-steering configuration. It has four ultra slim batteries offering up to 37km or 23 miles on a single charge, and has a carrying capacity of up to 160kg or 25 stone.
Handling is enhanced with its large diameter wheels with pneumatic tyres that can negotiate kerbs of up to 7.5 cm or 3 inches, even at angles. And because you never have to lift the Quingo Flyte, it doesn’t compromise on power either with its large 250 Watt motor.
Unlike many traditional four wheel scooters, the Flyte can easily make its way around even the smallest of local shops or supermarkets. Its tri-wheel steering means exceptional manoeuvrability, and unlike traditional three wheel scooters, the ultra-tight turning circle doesn’t come at the expense of stability.
Quingo Flyte’s Docking Station is as unique as the scooter itself, and can be easily fitted and removed. The docking frame dismantles into easily removable parts with the minimum of effort and in just a few minutes any car can be returned to normal use, without damage, without modification and without tools.
To find out more about the Quingo Flyte or any other five wheel Quingo in the range, request a FREE brochure and DVD by calling Freephone 0800 731 3376
Click here to visit the Quingo website, where you can download full information across the range (it will open in a new browser window)

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