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As well as a range of manual and powered stairclimbers for every situation, AAT also provides mobility solutions for adults and children.
These include dynamic seating solutions for conditions such as cerebral palsy; postural management solutions; add-on power packs to convert manual wheelchairs to power chairs, for both self-propelling and carer-assistance.
This page features mobility solutions and postural management for adults and children. Click here to see AAT’s range of stairclimbers

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AAT (GB) Limited Community Enterprise Centre Office 3 Well Street Cefn Mawr Wrexham LL14 3AL Tel: +44 (0)1978 821875
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Our Products

Chillibean Beanbag posture cushion

1. Posture Cushions

Posture Cushions by AAT are a system of stabilisation cushions with wide variety of applications, from correct sitting prophylactics, through to rehabilitation, to help in care. Thanks to the adaptability […]

young wheelchair user with Max-e add-on Power Pack

3. Max-e Add-on Power Pack

Small, manoeuvrable, lightweight, highly portable and unobtrusive add-on power pack, that’s Max-e!   Max-e add-on power pack by AAT (Alber Antriebstechnik) transforms your manual wheelchair easily and quickly into a […]

wheelchair user with Max 2 add-on power system

Max 2 Add-on Power System

Two in one, the solution for maximum mobility…   The Max 2 add-on power system by AAT (Alber Antriebstechnik) makes daily life easier, and improves your quality of life. With […]

AAT Solo and Servo powered wheels

Solo and Servo Power Add-ons

AAT Solo and Servo: Two powered wheel solutions for manual wheelchairs   Servo (shown here)   New generation portable add-on power device can be operated effortlessly and safely. The advanced […]

wheelchair with V-Max plus power pack

V-Max and V-Max Plus

Transform your manual wheelchair with the powered pushing and braking aid V-Max. Slopes, divided ramps and gradients are not an insurmountable problem any more…   This pushing and braking aid […]