Total Hygiene provides innovative healthcare products aimed at improving the lives of disabled people and carers

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how to use a Clos-o-Mat

2. How to use the Clos-o-Mat

The Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita provides flushing, washing and warm air drying from one simple operation. It is user-friendly for people who have restricted use of their hands. By reducing hand […]

Clos-o-Mat accessories include seats and plinths

Clos-o-Mat Accessories

Total Hygiene can boast a range of Clos-o-Mat accessories, including bespoke seats which are 100% compatible with the Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita. The seats available, which feature moulded stabilizers to aid […]

Aerolet lifter, tilt version

Retro-fit Aerolet Lifters

In order to meet the changing needs of users, there are two powered toilet lifters which have been specially designed to be retro-fitted to a Clos-o-Mat unit.   The Aerolet […]