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Bio Bidet is the first WRAS approved electronic bidet toilet seat – a toilet seat, bidet and dryer all in one

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1. The Bio Bidet

PDS Hygiene introduced the Bio Bidet electronic bidet toilet seat to the United Kingdom in 2007. The Bio Bidet offers an efficient and sophisticated alternative to purpose-built shower toilets at […]


2. Why Bio Bidet?

If washing the hands is a basic part of bathroom hygiene, then intimate washing is quite simply a logical addition to the daily hygiene routine. The facts are simple: Cleansing […]


3. The Supreme BB-1000

Features of the Supreme BB-1000: • Remote Control for greater ease of operation and control of various functions • Deodoriser automatically activated when the seat is occupied • Heated seat, […]


4. The Prestige BB-800

Features of the Prestige BB-800: • Side control – convenient side panel to control and operate the various functions • Heated seat, room temperature up to 40°C • Power saving: […]


5. Support Accessories

There are now two useful new accessories to make Bio Bidet electronic bidet toilet seats more accessible. To raise the level of the seat, making it easier to get up […]

image of portable Bidet

6. Palm TP-100 Travel Bidet

The Palm TP-100 portable hand-held unit ensures that you can maintain the same standards of hygiene when you are travelling. Features of the Palm: • Powered by two AA batteries […]