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Pivotell offers a range of reminders and pill dispensers suitable for the forgetful and those with significant cognitive impairment. Complex medication regimes with up to 28 doses a day can be managed

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Pocket-sized MiniTell

3. Pocket-Sized MiniTell

Anyone who has to take medication at intervals through the day will be pleased to know that there is now a pocket-sized version of the PivoTell.   Minitell is light-weight […]

Mem-x voice recorder

Mem-x Voice Recorder

Mem-x voice recorder is a memory aid designed for those with some memory loss, for example, due to early dementia. The device tells the user in a pre-recorded voice (usually […]

Image of Minifone emergency call watch phones

Minifone Watch Phone

The Minifone is an attractive, smart DECT watch phone, which connects to the user’s normal home landline. If the wearer needs assistance, at the touch of its two buttons, it […]

image of Vibralite alarm watch

Vibralite and Cadex Watches

Vibralite Mini Watch Reminder   The smallest high-quality, user-friendly vibration alarm watch – ideal for children and adults with slender wrists.   This watch is beneficial for those with hearing […]