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Safety and comfort reinvented. The first range of five wheel scooters — the latest mobility solution with Quintell technology working quietly behind the scenes, so that you can enjoy all the advantages of a mobility scooter.
You can watch Quingo’s unique Flyte system and their other five wheeled mobility scooters in operation in the Independent Living video gallery

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Quingo Classic five wheel scooter

Quingo Classic Scooter

In the early days, there were just 3-wheeled scooters. They were simple in design. On the upside, they were short and manoeuvrable in restricted areas, on the downside they could […]

Quingo Plus 5 wheel scooter

Quingo Plus Scooter

The Quingo Plus is intended for occasional indoor use and for outdoor pavement use and hard surfaces at 4mph. It is also capable of road use at up to 8mph. […]