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We sell many products which combine electronics, innovation and technology in a user-friendly way.

The complete range is available on our website – here is just a small selection.

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Our Products

image of non-slip trays

2. Non-slip Trays

It is often said that the simple designs are the best – so how do you improve on a tray?   Our compact, durable trays, with their special non-slip coating, […]

image of suction-fit grab rails

3. Suction Grab Rails

There is now a range of “stick n stay” grab rails, which use powerful suction to adhere to surfaces such as tiles and enamel. Features include: • Powerful action vacuum […]


4. Home Safety Alert

A wireless calling alarm system with one main receiver unit and two pendant calling transmitters. There is a Call button and Panic button on each pendant. This is a helpful […]

image of emergency alert phone

5. Care Alert by Phone

The 196.2 Auto Dial Panic Alarm is an exceptionally trustworthy safety product, which will offer peace of mind to a disabled or elderly person living alone. The panic alarm comes […]


6. Cool Pads

A new high-tech way to keep cool. These medical grade cotton pads are filled with a gel that delivers a cooling effect when in contact with your body. Available as […]