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Bariatric equipment is designed to be used in the care of large and heavy individuals. More than 8 million people in Britain – nearly a quarter of the adult population – are classified as clinically obese. With childhood obesity levels also rising, the needs of heavier patients and those caring for them, have to be addressed.
Increased weight increases the risk of injury to the caregiver during patient handling and movement tasks. It is essential that adequate training is given in safe manual handling techniques.
Some of the tasks that present extra challenges when the patient is obese include turning and repositioning in bed to prevent pressure sores; transferring in and out of bed or chair; assisting with bathing and toileting; supporting a limb while performing patient care tasks; etc.
At the same time, there are issues related to the care environment, including strength of equipment, doorway clearance and accommodation of weighing scales, which need to be addressed in the management of bariatric patients.
This section is divided into areas so that you can access information conveniently.
Bariatric handling includes hoists, slings, standing aids and manual handling aids for the heaviest users.
Bariatric beds and chairs has hospital beds, high low care beds and rise and recline armchairs designed to accommodate people weighing up to 70 stone.
The bathroom section includes toileting: heavy duty surrounds and toilet lifts, as well as grab rails and supports, and equipment for bathing and showering.
Heavy-duty mobility aids range from sturdy walkers and rollators to extra wide wheelchairs, mobility scooters, even add-on power packs that can help a carer to control a chair with an occupant weighing up to 42 stone.
What is Obesity? Check-in here for the definition of obesity and calculating an individual’s BMI (body Mass index)

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