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Anyone with dementia or cognitive impairment is likely to struggle with many aspects of daily living, so we have put together a section of information and products to make daily tasks easier and safer.
How many of us are on a quest for comfortable shoes? Whether it is wide-fitting shoes, comfy sandals or cosy slippers, or made-to-measure shoes and orthotics for very difficult feet, the Footwear section is the place to look.
Functional clothing, such as hip protectors and mastectomy bras have a dedicated section.
If you need a bit of help with getting dressed, “Dressing Aids” has all sorts of helpful gadgets, including stocking aids, button hooks and long handled grooming aids.
Wheelchair users have long struggled to find attractive clothes that are easy to put on and designed for sitting down. There is now a better choice, along with an increasing range of adaptive clothing suitable for anyone who has difficulty with traditional fastenings, or needs help with dressing.
Underwear and nightwear for people with special needs, including incontinence protection, dementia design and palliative care are also covered here.
These are the products you can find on the daily living pages:
Dementia & Cognitive Impairment – from bathroom and personal care, to food preparation and eating, staying safe both indoors and out, help with memory, and staying in touch
Specialist Footwear – shoes, slippers and foot comfort
Special function clothes – incontinence, mastectomy, support, protection, etc
Dressing aids – help with socks, buttons, etc
Adaptive clothes for women – daywear, underwear, nightwear
Adaptive clothes for men – daywear, nightwear, outerwear
Please note: if you are looking for adapted children’s clothes, you will find then in the Children’s Products section

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