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Whatever your age or physical ability, keeping fit is an important part of feeling well. And it is never too late to increase your fitness! Here we have a section looking at ways of getting light and gentle exercise, with fitness tips for older people, and a section on adapted sport for active wheelchair users. The newest addition is accessible gardening: an excellent form of exercise for everyone.
Personal care and pain relief also feature here. Whether you are looking for a pill dispenser to organise medication, blood pressure monitors, chiropody scissors or incontinence products, you will find a wide range of helpful suggestions.
These are the products you can find in this section:
Accessible Gardening – top tips on how to manage in the garden, with reduced mobility or dexterity


Adapted Sports – get the adrenaline pumping, whatever your physical abilities, including an embedded app to help you choose your sport
Fitness & Exercise – help to improve fitness levels
Personal care – help with foot care, pills, etc

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