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Lounge and Dining – this is the section where furniture and equipment for care environments can be found.
The various categories included are:
Specialist seating, including rise and recliners
Postural management seating, for individuals who need help to maintain good posture
Pressure relief seating, to help alleviate the risk of pressure damage
Task seating – appropriate seating solutions for working, studying, pursuing hobbies, or eating
Contract furniture – safe and sturdy for multi-user environments
Commercial kitchen equipment

AAT gravity chair

AAT Gravity Chair

The AAT Gravity chair is deceptively simple A lightweight foam positioning system for children and adults The AAT Gravity Chair is a specially designed foam positioning system which offers support, […]

Hybrid-power cushion open

New Hybrid-Power Cushion

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare’s latest pressure care solution The Hybrid-Power cushion changes in line with pressure damage risks The Hybrid-Power cushion assists with the management of pressure ulcers while seated, which […]