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This section is where you can find mobility aids to assist with impaired mobility, from walking sticks and crutches to wheelchairs, walkers and mobility scooters.
A walker (sometimes called a Zimmer frame or rollator) comes in many different styles now, with a range of accessories including shopping bags, seats, even a caddy, so that you can carry items safely around the house.
Our wheelchair section has a useful guide to selection, with an overview of the different types of wheelchair, rigid frame or folding, self propelling or carer assisted. There are power chairs and power packs which convert a manual chair into a powered one when required. We also have a section dedicated to the more unusual, special function wheelchairs.
You can read about the NHS Wheelchair Service and voucher scheme here
If you are considering a mobility scooter, check out our guide to the lightweight and heavy duty, three wheeled, four wheeled, even five wheel scooters!
These are the products you can find in the mobility aids section:
Manual wheelchairs – folding and rigid frame, self-propelled and carer assist or transport chairs
Manual wheelchair Components – looking at the options available in various different elements that make up a manual wheelchair.
Powered chairs for indoor and outdoor use, including wheelchair power packs to convert a manual chair into a powerchair for easier self propelling or carer assistance; stair climbing wheelchair; or powered trike for adventurous journeys.
Powerchair Components – looking at the options available in various different elements that make up a powered wheelchair.
Special function chairs including manual chairs with lever propulsion, powered and manual chairs with tilt in space, elevating seats, stair climbing, reclining backrest and other unusual features.
Mobility scooters – three, four and five wheel scooters for town and country journeys
Wheelchair accessories – including cushions, padding, scales
Walking aids from sticks and crutches to walking frames and rollators
Product rental – long and short term hire of mobility and other daily living aids


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