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Telecare & Communications
This area of the site is dedicated to all forms of health and care-related communications, from Nurse Call systems and monitoring systems for people with dementia to telecare, telehealth and other patient support systems.
Nurse Call & Patient Monitoring
Nurse Call systems must be installed in all care homes, with accessible alarms that can be used by all residents, including those with hearing and/or visual impairment, learning disabilities, dementia or other cognitive impairment.
This section also includes patient monitoring solutions, wander alarms and fall alarms to help protect the well-being of patients in residential care and nursing homes.
Telecare & Community Alarms
Put simply, telecare involves using technology to monitor a person’s well-being, and summon help if required. More than one and a half million people in Britain already use telecare in the form of an alarm system connected to the telephone, with a special button to press if you need help. This is known by various names, including community alarm, careline, lifeline, social alarm, etc.
Technology is enabling telecare and telehealth solutions to become increasingly sophisticated, and they can play an important role in enabling people to live independently in their own home.
Telecare & Community Alarms – supporting independent living
Nursecall & Patient Monitoring – protecting vulnerable patients
Case Studies on Medication Management one of the pillars of telecare support for people with complex medication regimes and/or cognitive impairment

Footprint and iPhone

Ownfone Footprint case study

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Smartphone app for epilepsy monitor

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eHealth Symposium

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Ownfone footprint launch

OwnFone Footprint Launched

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