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Accessible community transport, and solutions to transport-related access issues can be found here.
Wheelchair vehicles Essential for the safe and convenient transportation of wheelchair users
Wheelchair vehicle access How to get wheelchair users safely in and out of vehicles
Transport seating specialist seating for transport and for wheelchairs
Safe transportation of wheelchairs – guidance for community transport providers

Helping Hand Accessibility card

Helping Hand accessibility card

Feb 05, 2018

Accessibility card removes the need for explanations The Helping Hand accessibility card has been developed by one of the UK’s bus companies, to allow passengers who need some assistance to […]

Geraldine Lundy opening the symposium on accessible air travel

Perfect weather to fly!

Chris Wood of Flying Disabled is an indefatigable campaigner for accessible air travel, and has written this article for us about the latest developments in the journey towards comfortable flying […]

Wheelchairs on Station Platforms survey

Transport accessibility plan

Sep 05, 2017

DfT launches draft transport accessibility action plan Click here to go to more about the accessibility action plan 23/10/17 Update from the Women and Equalities Committee The Chair of the […]

Wheelchair Vehicles

Essential for the safe and convenient transportation of wheelchair users, a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) Standard conversions include lowered floors, counter-balanced ramps and wheelchair security mechanisms. Additional features may also […]