Bathroom Pressure Care

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image of kingkraft bath cushionsPressure damage currently costs the health service more than heart disease. Most of it is preventable with the right pressure management regime, and bathroom pressure care should form part of this.

The surface of a bath can feel hard and uncomfortable to anyone with delicate skin. Padding and cushions shaped to the bath and to the individual user’s needs can give relief and comfort. The right cushions can also provide support for people who are not able to maintain their position easily in the bath.

Chronic digestive conditions can entail extended periods seated on the toilet, and it is good practice to extend the pressure relief management to this area, for those patients who require it.

image of DBT Medical's inflatable loo seatA sturdy inflatable rubber toilet seat eases pressure effectively, and can be fixed and removed as required. Alternatively, a padded, cushioned seat with a washable vinyl cover does a good job.