Commercial Kitchen

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Food and the general mealtime experience contribute very highly to a person’s quality of life: eating well is fundamental to health and well-being, while failure to receive adequate nourishment – because of illness, physical inability to eat, mental disturbance, or because the food offered is not suitable or appealing enough – can lead to vulnerability to infection, failure to recover from illness or injury and a general deterioration in physical and mental condition.

There is general information about food and nutrition to be found in our advice centre.

Image of superkettle filling teapotA SuperKettle means that you can have piping hot water available whenever required to make tea or other hot drinks for residents and staff.

Hygienic and economical, the SuperKettle dispenses water at the touch of a button, and needs no tipping or pouring.

It is designed to be kept on all the time, so that the water is ready whenever you are.


dishwasher picupright chiller picLeft, a fully featured pass-through dishwasher is completely automatic and has a two minute wash cycle.

The upright chiller pictured right, has a large capacity and is designed for commercial use.