Incontinence Underwear

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Underwear options to manage incontinence include washable and disposable pants, as well as pants with a pouch to hold a disposable or washable pad. There are also adult diapers or all-in-ones, which fit like disposable nappies, and are easier to change if the user is largely immobile.

Image of incontinence pants with pouchProducts are rated for absorbency, depending on whether incontinence is light or heavy, urinary and/or faecal.

The prices of disposable products in particular vary very widely, so it is worth shopping around. Cheapness is not the only consideration, however – performance and reliability of delivery are also important issues.

Products that can help incontinence sufferers manage their condition more discreetly and improve their comfort, include skincare for skin that is exposed to urine, dry wipes, odour eliminators.

Image of IncoStress deviceFor women who experience stress incontinence, IncoStress is a medical device worn in the vagina, where it supports the neck of the bladder, preventing involuntary loss of urine. Discreet and washable, the device can be used alongside a program of pelvic floor exercises, which will improve bladder control.

Continence swimwear, or swim nappies, is now available to contain both faeces and urine, enabling adults and children with incontinence problems to benefit from swimming or water therapy, without compromising the hygiene of the pool.