Night-Time Sleep Systems

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Grande Armadilo sleep systemNight-time postural management sleep systems are an important complement to daytime systems for people with complex needs
Good postural support need not mean lying on a hard, restrictive surface

In fact, this would be likely to lead to the development of pressure damage in people with limited mobility.

The Grande Armadilo sleep system (right) is based on a series of air chambers, which are alternately inflated and deflated. This provides a continuous therapeutic massage for the user, improving blood circulation. At the same time, bodyweight is distributed comfortably across a wide area.

You can choose how firm to make the surface, according to the support needs of the user. Another benefit of this sleep system is that it maintains a cooler surface temperature. Increased temperature and sweating are not only uncomfortable, but also increase the likelihood of pressure damage.


Sleep systems for people with complex care needs

Stellan sleep system for complex care needsThe Stellan sleep system (shown left) has been designed to keep people safe.

Particularly for conditions such as Huntingdon’s or CP, where the user experiences strong, involuntary movements. Padding provides safety, and the long side can be split, so that security is maintained while a carer is attending to the user’s needs.

Such a sleep system is also helpful for people who have mobility but impaired cognition, leading to confusion in the night, and a greater risk of falling.

A configurable sleep system that removes the need for a profiling bed

image of jcm moonlite sleep systemThis highly configurable sleep system can be profiled without the requirement for a profiling bed, and supports the sleeper in prone, supine or side lying position.

It can be used for children and adults, and includes a knee abduction system. Pressure relieving foam or gel pads can also be provided.

Image Of My Pal Supine postural management systemDeveloped by physiotherapists working with children who lack control of their lower limbs, My PAL is a simple system that can be used to maintain good posture when lying supine or on the side.

Soft wedges and rolls can also be used to support patients as they lie down, and continue the good posture management work done during the day.

Our specialist beds section contains information on profiling beds.

There is also more information about beds for children with special needs in our Disabled Children section

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