Task Seating

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You can work more efficiently and improve concentration with the right functional, task seating

Good posture seating places the body in a balanced position which ensures that we can work efficiently and carry out tasks to the best of our ability.

This also opens up the chest and abdomen, which improves breathing and internal organ function, allowing greater intake of oxygen, resulting in more energy and general well-being.

Image Of saddle seatA saddle seat can provide core stability with the hip joints in a stable and comfortable position which places the limbs in the most beneficial alignment to maintain muscle length, normal tone and joint range of motion. This reduces the risk of making musculoskeletal problems worse. The lumbar curve is maintained and a perfect balanced position is obtained in which the body adjusts its centre of gravity.

Conditions which may derive benefit from using a saddle seat include MS, stroke, spinal cord injury, osteoarthritis, traumatic brain injury. Any type of seating should be assessed and given a trial, to ensure that it works well for the user.

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image of Chest support chairChest support

The chair on the left offers a range of adjustments to suit the individual, and crucially, provides chest support, rather than the traditional back support. Many carers find this type of chair useful for and assisting with feeding. People doing jobs that require long periods leaning forwards can also benefit from postural support like this.

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Ultimate tailored support

Image Of Jupiter postural management seating systemThe seating system shown here combines great adjustability with a range of support accessories including trunk support and a pommel to help with leg abduction. A split seat facility allows independent adjustment of each side of the foot support, for users with leg length variation.

A large tray accessory enables the user to work, eat or follow creative pursuits in a comfortable and supportive chair.

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Height and angle adjustable tables

Image of girl working at height adjustable deskFor children with problems around concentration, focus and capacity to learn, correct positioning will give them the stability they need to perform an activity more efficiently, allowing them to concentrate on the task at hand.

A desk or table that can be adjusted in height and angle will help ensure that the best working position is achieved, for both adults and children.

There is more information about furniture for children with special needs in our Disabled Children section