Wheelchair Vehicles

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Essential for the safe and convenient transportation of wheelchair users, a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) Standard conversions include lowered floors, counter-balanced ramps and wheelchair security mechanisms. Additional features may also be specified. Rear access conversions are the most popular, and some of the vehicles commonly offered by the conversion companies are: Citroen Berlingo, Renault Kangoo, VW Transporter, Mercedes Vito, Vauxhall Zafira

Click here for Guidance on the Safe Transportation of Wheelchairs

kangoo chaircab wheelchair accessible vehicleWheelchair users are far more likely to use taxis as their most common form of transport. The available range of taxi solutions includes the Kangoo ChairCab, right, which was recently awarded the prestigious Accord Technique accolade.

kangoo wheelchair accessible vehicleThe Kangoo conversion on the left has particularly easy wheelchair access, with an integral one piece ramp system and a lowered floor, which ensures that the wheelchair passenger and any other passengers are all seated at the same level.