AccessAdvisr Prize draw

Rob Trent, AccessAdvisr

Update, April 2018 The result of the AccessAdvisr prize draw is now in! Every review posted from February till the end of March was included, and the enthusiastic response included […]

Matthew Harris championing unpaid carers

Paying unpaid carers

This guest blog is written by Matthew Harris, formerly one of Britain’s army of unpaid carers, looking after his mother who had Huntington’s Disease. He is campaigning for carers to […]

MASIS website

MASIS: Striving for Inclusion

Peter Lyne writes about MASIS (Mobility and Support Information Service), the registered charity he has founded to promote inclusivity for people with a disability or long-term illness. From concept to […]

Loneliness at Christmas

Loneliness at Christmas

We all look forward to the Christmas holidays – don’t we? It’s a time to have a break from work, overindulge and spend time with our families. This usually happy […]

Pets As Therapy dog, Watson, with Dorothy


Mary Farmer has a regular space here on Independent Living where she writes about nutrition, drawing on her expertise as an NHS dietitian, now retired. She also finds time for […]