Adaptive Menswear

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A range of clothing solutions for both independent and assisted dressing. Shirts and trousers that don’t require struggling with fiddly zips and buttons, and garments designed particularly for wheelchair users.

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Image of men's Easy dressing trousersImage of men's drop front trousersThe drop front trousers on the left open down past the hips, with easy to manage velcro fastening at the waist, and the side openings cleverly concealed with the appearance of pockets. The waist is elasticated for comfort, with elastic supporting the back of the trousers for convenience when using the toilet.

The lightweight trousers on the right have long zips on both sides, making them easy to get on and off. The zipper itself has a large soft puller, rather than the usual fiddly little tag.

Trousers with a high rise at the back and longer leg length are more comfortable if you spend a lot of time sitting down. You can get easy dressing trousers in a range of fabrics from denim and cord through to chinos and smart casual polyester wool mix.

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Image of open back shirtImage of shirt with magnetic fasteningsIndependent dressing is a whole lot easier for anyone with impaired dexterity or limited mobility, if fastenings are easy to manage.

This traditionally styled check shirt has magnetic fastenings discreetly concealed behind the front buttons, so it is really quick and simple to undo and do up – though not suitable for anyone with a Pacemaker.

If you are helping someone else to get dressed, then rear fastening shirts like the one on the right are easier, and also have the advantage of preventing inappropriate undressing. From the front, the shirt looks completely normal.

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Image of Man wearing bed jacketMen need bed jackets too!

Warm but lightweight polar fleece looks suitably masculine, and this jacket has been designed with a number of features that make it easy to put on and off, such as Velcro fastenings and wide armholes.

The popper fastenings on the sleeves enable blood pressure to be taken, for example, without the need to remove the jacket.

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Image of front and back of adapted jacketA classically styled weatherproof jacket with warm fleece lining has magnetic fastenings at the front for easy independent dressing, and also opens at the back, making it much easier to help someone dress when they are seated.

The cutaway portion at the back is more comfortable for sitting down, and the ribbed cuffs make it cosier, while also ensuring that trailing sleeves don’t get caught in wheels, for example.