Adaptive Womenswear

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Clothes that are easy to put on, easy to look after, don’t have awkward fastenings, come in a wide range of sizes – it is possible to have all this without spending a fortune on bespoke tailoring.

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Image Of smart easy wear trousersimage of drop-front jeansWhether your style is casual jeans or smart tailored trousers, there are easy dressing solutions. The drop front jeans on the right open down past the hips, with easy to manage velcro fastening at the waist, and the side openings cleverly concealed with the appearance of pockets.

The lightweight tailored trousers on the left have long zips on both sides, making them easy to get on and off. The high back rise ensures comfort when seated. Generous leg length also benefits wearers who spend a lot of time sitting down, with improved comfort and appearance.

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 image Of back fastening blouseThis soft, comfortable blouse fastens with a zip at the back, making it much easier for a carer to assist with dressing, and also preventing inappropriate undressing.

There are pretty printed dresses that fasten in the same way.

Image of smart Pleated skirtOther features that make dressing easier include magnetic fastenings in place of buttons, hooks or zips – though these are not suitable for Pacemaker users.

A classic skirt with fine pleats all-round is easy to put on and off, thanks to the elasticated waistband.

Easy care features are also worth thinking about: clothes that are washable and require little or no ironing to look good make life easier all round.

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Image of nightdress with back fasteningThis soft and pretty polycotton adaptive nightdress has been designed to meet many needs. The open-back design not only makes it easier to put on, but will make going to the toilet or using a bed-pan a more dignified experience.

Feedback from stroke, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, motor neurone disease and post viral fatigue syndrome sufferers has contributed to its design.

It fastens at the shoulders, with split sleeves, reducing distress for dementia sufferers who become agitated when being dressed and who have a particular problem with clothes going over their head.

Image of lightweight bed jacketMinimising discomfort whilst still maintaining dignity is especially important in palliative care – palliative nurses can gently roll a patient into this nightie, which opens flat for easy changing.

A warm but lightweight bed jacket makes an ideal addition for anyone who spends considerable time in bed, or is anticipating a stay in hospital.

Polar fleece, as shown here, is a popular alternative to the traditional lacy knitted bed jacket.

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Image Of Core bra with magnetic fasteningsOf all the dressing-related queries we receive here, probably the greatest number relate to underwear. Putting on a bra is so automatic for an able-bodied woman, it can be a shock to realise just how difficult an operation it is if your mobility or dexterity are impaired. The comfortable cotton bra here fastens at the front with magnets, rather than fiddly little hooks, and has a racer back and wide straps to give better support without cutting into the shoulders.

Bras with large hooks, poppers, or pull-on style without any fasteners, are also available, and provide more manageable alternatives to traditional lingerie designs.

Visit our incontinence section for incontinence pants

Check out “dressing aids” for help with putting on tights and socks

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Image of back opening jacketA classic styled weatherproof jacket with warm fleece lining opens at the back, with a cutaway at the bottom, making it much easier to help someone dress when they are seated. It can also be fastened at the front with magnets, for independent dressing.

image of wheelchair capesA waterproof cape with warm fleece lining (right) is easy to put on and offers good weather protection for wheelchair users.