Adjustable Beds

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Sherborne Hampton adjustable bedAdjustable beds, developed out of the profiling beds used in hospitals and nursing care, have proved very popular for use in the home. There is a wide range of models available: adjustable head and foot, hi-low action, with cot-sides, single and double sized – the latter, as shown here in Sherborne Upholstery’s Hampton more affordable adjustable bed – with the two sides controlled independently.

You can adjust the position of the bed, until you find the one that suits you best – for example, if you have poor circulation in your legs or swollen ankles, you might find it beneficial to elevate your legs while sleeping.

Choosing the right sleeping position can help with other problems, including joint and muscle pain, indigestion, pressure sensitivity and circulation problems.

If you need to spend quite a lot of time in bed, it is convenient to be able to adjust it to support you in a sitting up position, making it easier to eat, read or watch television.

portable system for adjustable bedAlternatively, a product such as the Levate pillow lift, from Benmor Medical, shown on the right, can be used to turn any conventional bed into one where the head and shoulders area can be adjusted, at a more modest cost.

The pillow lift rests on the mattress, and is held in place by the user’s own bodyweight, so requires no fiddly fixings. It is easily adjusted with a hand control, to find the most comfortable angle.

Combination Beds

combination bed from TherapostureContinue to share a bed with your partner and enjoy independent function on either side of the bed for individual comfort and needs. The Theraposture bed shown here is specified to your exact requirement, meaning that you can have any combination of functions or sizes together in a bed that looks like part of your home.

With an upholstered surround, it is possible to have two individual matching enclosures that latch together. This allows for separation of the two sides if required, to gain access to both sides of either half of the bed. For situations where carers are involved, this is a great help in reducing the risk of back injury. One or both beds can be mounted on locking castors, allowing easy separation. The double headboard will have to be mounted on the wall, in order for the two sides to be separable.

Beds to Sit and Stand

image of Rotoflex double profiling bedA rotating chair bed, such as the one shown here, combines an adjustable bed with powered assistance to get in and out of bed. It is available as a single or double bed.

A single button push on the hand control moves the user between a sitting and lying position, and as there are two separate mattresses in the double bed configuration, all adjustments can be made without disturbing the other person.

You can read a case study of how a Rotoflex bed has enabled an MS sufferer to maintain her independence at home with her family, by clicking here.

There is more information about beds that automatically help the user to sit or stand in our hospital beds area

An adjustable bed may also include a massage unit, to help ease aching muscles and joints, to help you sleep better, and improve mobility in the morning.