Rise and Recliners and Other Armchairs

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Comfortable seating

Are you sitting comfortably…

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Rise and recliner armchairs
Fireside chairs and footstools
Chair raisers
Alternative seating

Rise and recline armchairs and sofas

sherborne's leather recliner chairThere are various ways to make sure that you can an enjoy a comfortable evening sitting to watch TV, read a book, or chat with friends.

A chair or sofa with built-in recliner mechanism, such as the leather armchair shown on the left, means that you can raise your legs to the height that suits you best.

If you find it a struggle to get up from your armchair, then a powered rise and recliner can make it very much easier. Available with one or two motors, they allow you to recline the back and raise the leg rest – to a full sleeping position if you wish – and when you want to get up, a powered lift gently eases you back towards a standing position.

sofa with two reclining seatsThere is a wide range of models available, to suit all sizes of user. Two and three seater sofas with two recliners, separately controlled, enable you to share the benefits!

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Footstools and fireside chairs

Sherborne's adjustable foot stool in angled positiontraditional fireside chairMore low tech solutions are also available! An adjustable foot stool can be used flat or angled, to position your legs as comfortably as possible. This traditional style leg-rest stool is available in a range of different fabrics.

A traditional fireside chair, such as this one on the right, with its high winged back, firm armrests and supportive seat – which is a bit higher than an easychair – can be much easier to get out of.

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Chair raisers

uplift aid assisting man to rise from seatIf you want some assistance that you can take with you wherever you go, on holiday or visiting friends, perhaps, a portable chair raiser (left) could be useful, as it gently helps you up into a standing position.

Image of chair raisersAnd if you have a favourite chair which is just too low to be easily managed, leg raisers (right) can be a solution.

They hold each leg firmly, and give an extra four to seven inches of height to the chair seat – which could make all the difference to rising from it unaided.

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Image of chests supporting chairAlternative seating

If the conventional sitting position provided by armchairs and sofas doesn’t suit you, there are radically different alternatives that you can try.

bambach saddle seatA chest-supporting chair, such as this one on the left, has been designed particularly for people who spend long periods of time leaning forwards as they sit, because of their occupation. It can relieve pressure and provide support, easing the back pain often experienced in this situation.

Alternatively, a saddle seat, inspired as the name suggests, by the shape of a horse-riding saddle, positions the pelvis correctly so that the spine is naturally held in the stress-free ‘S’ shape. Once again, for anyone sitting for long periods, this style of seat can help by relieving stress on muscles, joints and ligaments.

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