Back Support

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Back Support and Care

From cushions and supports to massage aids and specialist seating, there are many products available to help ensure that you can protect your back and sit as comfortably as possible.

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Specialist seating

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back pillow picergonomic neck pillow picSheepskin has wonderful thermal properties, warm in winter, cool in summer.

Sheepskin-lined back support cushion (left) gives gentle support to the lower back.

An ergonomic neck cushion (right) gives extra support to the head and neck – particularly helpful for people with neck problems or recovering from whiplash injuries. This type of cushion can be used at home or when travelling.


superest back supportinflatable lumber rollThere are various types of support available, to help keep your spine correctly aligned. If your favourite chair is becoming uncomfortable, a portable lumbar support might be a solution.

The rest shown on the left has shaped sides which hold the the lateral muscles of the back, to give extra support. It is now available with a filling of visco memory foam, which moulds to your own shape for greater comfort.

A lumbar roll (right) is excellent for supporting the lower back. This one is easily adjustable to give you just the right amount of support.


fleecy back supportportable backrest / seatMake sure that you always have the support you need with a portable backrest chair, such as this one on the right.

The natural birch wood slats are positioned to ensure lower and upper back support.

The chair can be used both on hard and soft surfaces and is as comfortable on a bench or a rock as it is on the ground.

An appealingly cosy back support (left), where a traditional fleecy exterior is combined with a high tech foam interior.

The position of the support can be adjusted to suit the user. A simple counterbalance keeps the support in place.

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Massage units

back massagerMassage is a very long-established and proven means of easing aching muscles, relaxing when you are stressed and tired, and just generally enhancing feelings of well-being.

A massaging back support (left) which is battery powered, can easily be carried around to use in the car, at work or at home. Its contoured shape supports the spine, while the raised nodules give a gentle massage at the flick of a switch.

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Specialist seating

bambach saddle seatMany people who spend a lot of time seated find that they can eliminate back pain by adopting a radically different sitting position.

putnams kneeler chairThe Saddle Seat (left) helps you keep your spine in a natural ‘S’ shape, by aligning your pelvis correctly. You place your feet on the floor either side of the saddle, so you can move around easily while seated.

Another alternative is the kneeler chair (right), which also helps to align the spine correctly and eases pressure on the lower back.

It will probably take a while for you to become accustomed to either type of seat, as the techniques are so different from the way that we normally sit: build up gradually and you should start to feel the benefits.

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