Bathtime for Children

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Bathtime fun has not been a high priority for families with disabled children – it’s been hard enough to find suitable products at all. Now the situation is beginning to change, and there are some well-designed, attractive products to help make the bathroom an easier place.

Let’s not forget the therapeutic benefits of warm water, too – it can be very soothing, can relax tense muscles and relieve stiff joints, improving the range of movement. An enjoyable bath in the evening is a good way of preparing a child for sleep, as well.

This paediatric bath (right) has a fixed seat transfer system that combines state-of-the-art technology with practicality and ergonomic design. It features an automated system that seamlessly transfers the bather into the water, making the bathing experience effortless for not only the child, but the carer as well.

Stabilo vacuum supports from AATIt has been designed to work well in space-restricted environments, and has safety straps and adjustable nursing arms, making it safe and comfortable.

Safety is obviously the most important consideration in bathing, and a new range of vacuum formed supports (shown left) ensure that your child is sitting securely while you wash them, without any risk of slipping out of your grasp. The supports are very easy to mould to the shape that suits the child. When this is achieved, you simply use a pump to extract the air, leaving a custom formed, supportive cushion. You can also choose the degree of hardness, from soft through to a rigid shell, depending on need

kingkraft shower toilet chairFor showering and toileting in complete security, shown on the right is a tilt-in-space shower toilet chair that is both safe and comfortable. The anatomically-shaped seat is very supportive, and it can be tilted to different angles for easier showering. It is height adjustable so that it can be used with most toilets, as well as having an optional commode pan.

Astor Bannerman Bath with Neatfold stretcherOn the left is a clever combination of height adjustable bath with changing/showering stretcher. The stretcher has a centre fold, and allows you to hoist the child from the bath, open the stretcher out into place beneath them, then lower them onto the comfortable surface to be dried and dressed. All without having to move away from the bath – saving unnecessary moving and handling, as well as making the most of the bath area.

click for paediatric bathing case studyWe have a case study here involving twins with cerebral palsy, and the Aquanova Scorpio bath which restored bathtime fun to their home