Bedroom Accessories

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Image of pillow liftAn adjustable Pillow Lift raises and lowers the user into the most comfortable position in bed at a touch of a button: ideal for anyone with limited strength in their upper body.

Image of automatic curtain opening systemOpen and close your curtains at the touch of a button with a mains powered system. The aluminium track can be wall or ceiling mounted, and the curtains hide the control once they are in place.

pic of overbed tableBed table – an adjustable table that slides over the bed, with a surface that may be used flat or tilted.

image of wilcare's commodeA discreet basketweave commode. The upholstered seat lifts off to reveal a hygienic plastic seat with removable commode bucket. The commode also has anti-bacterial protection.

Bed raisers – these cleverly designed feet will give a lift to beds and chairs of between Image Of divan bed With bed raisersfour and seven inches (100mm to 176mm). They have a rotating locking mechanism, which makes them very secure, and they can be used on uneven floors.

pic of bed cradle

A bed cradle helps with comfort by relieving the weight of bedding.