Bidet Toilets

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An automatic bidet toilet, also known as a showertoilet or wash and dry toilet, combines the functions of loo and bidet in one unit, enabling many disabled people to use the toilet unaided.

There are purpose-built units, and various add-on “bidet toilet seats” which can be fitted to an existing toilet.

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Purpose-built bidet toilets
Add-on bidet toilet seats

Purpose-built showertoilets

The Closomat (the new Palma Vita is shown right) was invented more than 60 years ago and is made in the UK and marketed by Total Hygiene Ltd.

geberit Aquaclean 8000 shower toiletThe Geberit AquaClean (shown left) is the alternative.

Both have been designed to offer independence and privacy for disabled users.

A range of remote control options is available, to make them even more adaptable, as well as specialised accessories such as padded seats, height raising plinths and support arms.

Add-on bidet toilet seats

bio bidet with side control panelAs well as purpose-built showertoilets, there are also conversion units available, that add a bidet function to an existing standard toilet. These retro-fit solutions are a more economical option, and range from basic to very luxurious.

PDS Hygiene’s Bio Bidet (right) provides a complete wash and dry cycle with full control of positioning, temperature and duration – all via the simple and hygienic remote control pad. As it holds WRAS approval, it can be connected directly to the water supply in the UK without the need for extra measures to protect against contamination of the supply.

It can be fitted to most standard toilet pans in place of the original toilet seat. It provides the user with a temperature and pressure controlled warm water wash and blow-dry. The normal operation of the toilet is unchanged; it operates conventionally with the addition of the bidet.

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