Comfort in Bed

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We all spend around a third of our lives in bed – if for any reason, you find yourself spending even longer there, comfort in bed becomes paramount.

pic of V pillowA bed wedge made of foam, will help keep you comfortably supported when you sit up in bed.

V-shaped pillow. Win Health’s comfortable and washable V-shaped pillow gives extra support to neck and back, when you are sitting up in bed or armchair.

This ripple mattress topper distributes the body’s pressure evenly, and allows air to circulate, for a more restful night’s sleep.

image of knee pillow which aligns legs and spine correctlyA ripple mattress coverA knee pillow is an ideal way to relieve lower back pain while you sleep.

By holding the knees slightly apart, it keeps the legs and spine correctly aligned, and allows the muscles which support the spine to recuperate and strengthen.

visco memory pillowNasa technology is behind this visco-memory pillow, which moulds itself to your contours for better comfort in bed.

Night sweats make life miserable for many. Bamboo bedding may well provide relief. It is a naturally breathable fibre which is three times more absorbent than cotton, and helps regulate body temperature, keeping you warm in winter and cooler in summer. Bamboo is hypoallergenic as well, a boon for anyone with allergies to bed mites.