Door Entry

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Door Entry – one of the most important factors in retaining your peace of mind and independence is making sure that entry to your home is secure, but that you have an easy way to let people in when you want.
Here are some solutions to consider, depending on individual circumstances:
safe key storage
remote and keyless opening
authorised entry for carers
video door entry

Safe key storage

key safeThe security-conscious solution to the age-old custom of leaving a spare key outside for visitors to use. The key safe is mounted discreetly and securely to the wall of the house, and a keypad code secures the keys inside.

Only visitors who you have provided with the code can get into the safe and retrieve the key. You can change the code as often as you like, so there is no worry about former care workers or others being able to continue to access the keys when you no longer wish them to do so.

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Intercom systems

wireless door entry systemA wireless system that enables you to talk to callers at the front door, using a dedicated telephone handset (left). The doorbell speaker unit has a nameplate for personalising it, and a hood to protect it from the weather.

The wireless phone has a charging cradle, as shown, but can also be carried around for convenience.

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Remote door opening

fob Door openerImage Of easylink Remote door openerA system that enables you to open your door remotely. The door strike on the left is compatible with mortice and Yale type locks, and is controlled by a secure radio receiver which can be activated by various different transmitters, depending on individual needs.

One option is the key fob shown on the right, another solution is a rocker switch which can be wall or table mounted in a convenient position.

The conventional lock and key is also retained.

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Independent entry for authorised callers

mobile phone base stationYet another possibility – particularly suitable for allowing care and support staff to enter a disabled client’s house – the remote door opening system above can be activated by a text message from a mobile phone.

This requires a base station, shown left, which is configured to respond to specific messages from registered mobile phones, making it a secure and economical alternative to “key safes”, which can be vulnerable to criminal attack.

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Video door entry

waterproof CCTV camera with nightvisionImprovements in technology and lowering of prices has made good quality video access monitoring feasible for more people at home.

A waterproof CCTV camera (left) equipped with night vision enables you to view visitors at the door at any time of day. The camera has a motion detector which sets off an alert to let you know when somebody is at the door. A good quality 7 inch colour monitor shows the visitor clearly, giving you the option to open the door if you wish to.

Image Of wireless video monitoring systemA wireless system (right) can be set up quickly and easily, to enable video and audio monitoring. The CCTV camera and colour video/audio monitor work with power adapters.The monitor output can be relayed to a television if desired, or recorded for security purposes.

If a video system is combined with the remote door opening above, then the whole operation of reviewing callers and letting them in can be achieved without you having to move.

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