Dressing Aids

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Image of Nordic Care button hookLeft: an easy grip button hook passes through the buttonhole and hooks the button closed.

image of dressing stickRight: wooden-handled dressing stick has a double hook and can be used for pulling and pushing.

Image of stocking aidLeft: a Sock aid or stocking aid can assist with putting on socks, stocking and tights, if you have problems moving your hips or knees.

Image of compression stocking aidRight: If you wear compression hosiery, which can be very useful for managing conditions such as varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis (DVT), this special aid will make putting them on considerably easier. It doesn’t touch the skin at all, so reducing the risk of injury from the plastic edge of a standard applicator, which can easily knock or nick the skin, causing the veins to bleed.

long-handled grooming aidsLeft: a range of long-handled grooming and washing aids make hairdressing and personal care easier.