Easy Utensils & Food Prep

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If you have reduced dexterity or a weak grip, food preparation can be more manageable with the help of a few easy utensils…

Image of board with a holder for bowlOpening jars, cutting bread, mixing, grating vegetables – are all much easier if they are held securely for you.

The board on the left sits on a work surface with non-slip feet, and has a built-in clamping system to hold a bowl or saucepan, so that mixing and whisking can be carried out one-handed.

Above right, a nonslip board with raised edges which makes spreading a slice of bread one-handed much easier. The removable food preparation helper which attaches to the raised rim of the board, allows for safe slicing of cheese, fruit and vegetables. It is easy to assemble and remove with one hand, and once in place, it remains firmly on the board, and won’t slip during cutting or spreading.

image of special ergonomic cutting knifeParticularly suitable for people with rheumatism, because the grip gives good protection for the joints and relieves pain, the cheese slicer on the left has an angled handle that makes cutting tasks easier. The handle is softly shaped with support for the index finger. With the thumb resting on top of the grip, the cheese slicer can be balanced in the hand using minimal strength.

You can also find finely serrated knives with handles that are easy to hold, that are designed to cut effectively with a rocking motion that takes little strength.

jug kettle picIf you are using a kettle to boil water, whether it is a traditional or jug-shaped design, a kettle tipper will hold it secure while you pour, preventing the risk of spills and scalds. This universal model will not only take either design of kettle, but also a teapot, allowing you to make and poor a traditional cuppa with ease.

Image of pack openerOpen tins and plastic packs without a struggle. Wall-mounted openers work safely, without requiring strength or dexterity.

Perching stools (below right) with seats tilted slightly forward are easy to rest on while working in the kitchen. Height adjustable models are available.

perching stools

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