Inclusive Play

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Indoors and outdoors, kids need to have fun. Young children learn about the world and themselves through playing; everyone benefits from the improvements in co-ordination, balance, agility and muscle tone that can be achieved through enjoyable physical activities. Here are just some of the pieces of inclusive play equipment available.

If you come across any games or toys that really deliver in terms of long-lasting fun, value for money, skill development – let us know about them.

image of roundabout used by children of different abilitiesOutdoor play equipment should be accessible to all children. A level access roundabout like the one on the left can be enjoyed by able bodied and disabled children together.

image of girl in wheelchair on swingA set of swings that includes a wheelchair-adapted frame enables all children to play together. Inclusive swings include a range of seat options, including very supportive seats for those who require them.

A safe, non-slip surface for the play area reduces injury caused by the inevitable tumbles. Recycled tyres are being used to produce a material for surfacing playgrounds: kinder to knees, and the environment!

Hand cycle for young wheelchair usersYoung wheelchair users can also enjoy the fun of cycling, with a handcycle (left), which is compatible with most rigid framed manual chairs. The gear shift is mounted to the handlebars, and you brake by simply pushing the handlebars away from you.

And traditionally styled trikes are more manageable for riders with a poor sense of balance. They are available in sizes suitable for older children and teenagers.

soft play centre pickids at play picKids at play (left) with an interactive game that really holds their attention.

A soft, inclusive play centre (right) in bright, primary colours gives good play value in a safe environment.