Children’s Mobility

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Promove slingTransfers without a hoist

To transfer a child safely and comfortably, the ProMove sling is a practical and convenient solution.

The soft material and simple design make it easy to position beneath beneath the child, wherever they are sitting, and even when space is restricted. It provides good support, forming a bucket shaped seat, which gives a sense of security for moving and transferring.

Integral rubber handles enable as many carers as necessary to participate in the transfer. This makes it safer for parents/carers as well as the child. It’s available in a range of sizes to suit children from as young as three.

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otto bock's skippi powered chairPaediatric power chairs

Powerchairs designed specifically for children, such as the one shown on the right, help kids with severely reduced mobility achieve a high degree of independence.

With a narrow frame for manoeuvrability, even in a small room, it is adjustable to grow with the child, and can be dismantled for easy transportation in the boot of a car.

Image of child in wheelchair with Power Pack add-onAdd-on power packs

Paediatric powerchairs are available with a range of special features, including tilt in space for comfort and postural management; seat lift to enable face-to-face communication with standing peers; specialist seating for pressure and posture care.

If power is not required all the time, an add-on powerpack could be the solution.

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image of child's walking aidWalkers and gait trainers

For children who can weight-bear sufficiently, but are unable to walk independently, an extra-supportive wheeled walking frame, such as the one shown here, can be used either as a means of training to walk unsupported, to improve gait, or simply as a means of moving around independently.

kimba spring pushchairSpecial needs buggies and pushchairs

For younger children, a well designed buggy with a range of frame sizes and seating options, offers stability, comfort and easy manoeuvrability.

The one shown here has a dynamic, ultra-lightweight frame with suspension, reducing jolting and allowing a more comfortable ride.

trike with backrestTrikes and bicycles

An adapted trike with additional trunk support, can help some disabled children who would otherwise miss out on the fun and independence of cycling.

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