Manual Wheelchairs

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If you’re a manual wheelchair user, you know all the obvious things you need to take into account before choosing one.

If this is all new to you, you really need to spend some time comparing, and preferably trying different models.

We have a section about special function wheelchairs, where you can read about features such as elevating seats, tilt in space, and lever propelled chairs.

To read more information about various different options, visit manual wheelchair components or you can download a PDF with all the information – Choosing a manual wheelchair

Lightweight rigid wheelchair

Ottobock Ventus manual wheelchairA lightweight rigid wheelchair offers a combination of safety and durability with customisable features such as armrests and footrests, and height-adjustable rear wheels.

It is available in self-propelled and attendant-assisted versions, and can be quickly demounted for easier transportation.


Folding transit wheelchairs

Image of travel chairFor situations where the user will be pushed by an attendant, a lightweight folding chair such as the one shown on the right is practical and transportable.

It has quick release rear wheels, swing away and detachable armrests, swing in/out footrests, puncture proof tyres, fitted lap belt, folding backrest and lightweight, padded nylon upholstery, and comes with a two-year warranty.

karma ergo folding chairKarma’s Ergo 105 folding wheelchair, (right) combines lightness and transportability with many clever design features, such as upholstery with inbuilt anti-bacterial protection, an ergonomic seat shape that helps to prevent sliding and pressure sores, and comfortable outrigged armrests that reduce the overall width.

The chair shown here is the transit model. It is also available for self-propelling.

Anyone who is new to using a wheelchair will find the Tips for wheelchair travellers helpful.

For the heaviest users, you can find information about bariatric wheelchairs in our bariatric mobility section

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