Personal Care

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This section has a range of personal care products designed for managing daily hygiene, grooming and health management independently.

Dealing with pills – here are two clever dispensers to help people with different needs to keep track of medication.

pivotell automatic pill dispenserOn the right, for people who have a complicated regime, this automatic dispenser can be programmed to deliver pills up to 28 times a day, and will sound an alarm until the dose has been dispensed, making it ideal for anyone who is forgetful about their medication.

image of Easylink pill reminderOn the left, a talking pill box with a built-in digital timer which you can set for up to five times a day. The message (up to 10 seconds long) is played back when the next dose is due. You can also use it as a reminder for appointments or other short memos.

Image of angled chiropody scissorsAngled chiropody scissors (right) make toenail cutting easier. The handles are elongated with comfortably moulded grips, to give better leverage.

Image of magnifying nail clippersNail clippers with a built-in magnifier (left) will be a boon for anyone who finds it becoming harder to manage this task accurately.

Image of blood pressure monitorKeep a check on your blood pressure, with an accurate, easy to use automatic monitor like this one. Half the individuals with high blood pressure don’t realise – and yet it is the prime indicator for heart disease. Blood pressure tends to increase with age: 20% of twentysomethings have elevated levels while 60% of those in their 60s do. It also has a genetic element, if a parent or sibling has the condition, then you are also more likely to do so. Then there are the lifestyle factors – lack of exercise, poor diet, too much alcohol, being overweight – all these add up to a greater risk of high blood pressure.

Image of talking forehead thermometerAn instant forehead thermometer (left) makes taking temperatures much easier and quicker, particularly as it also speaks the result. An oximeter is likely to become just as indispensable in the near future. It checks for levels of oxygen in the blood as well as pulse rate, and is invaluable in monitoring conditions such as emphysema, asthma and bronchitis. One of the first checks performed by paramedics, being able to keep an eye on blood oxygen levels at home means reassurance and an early warning that a visit to the doctor or hospital is advisable.