Toilet Aids

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geberit showertoiletVarious toilet aids as shown here can make it easier to use the toilet independently, maintaining dignity and privacy for anyone with impaired mobility.

Many toilets are too low for easy sitting if your knees or hips are painful or less flexible. You can raise the height of the seat, so you don’t have so far to go. This can be achieved with a height-raising plinth and/or a raised toilet seat (left).

Secondly, some kind of support as you get up and down can make a big difference. This may take the form of an angled rail at the side of the toilet, a hinged support attached to the wall (see grab rails and safety section), or some kind of frame.

toilet with seat spacer and support arms from PDS HygieneAlternatively, the support rails shown here on the right are fixed to the toilet itself, and can be folded down out of the way when not in use, or so that the user can make a sideways transfer onto the toilet. The arms can also be opened out into a splayed position which could be useful for larger users.

The support rails are shown in conjunction with a spacer or raiser, which gives an extra 50 mm or 80 mm of height to the toilet seat, making it easier to get up and sit down.

picture of toilet aidThis type of multi-functional product (left) can be used either as a commode chair, or with its pan removed as a sturdy free-standing support / raised toilet seat when placed over the toilet. The arms can assist with rising, and the seat can also be angled slightly forwards to make the task easier.

A powered seat that gently assists with rising to the standing position is also helpful (right).

Image of Solo powered toilet raiserThese seats can be fitted to most standard toilets, and used as a normal seat when in the lowered position. There are both battery powered and hydraulic models available.

This one can be used with a handset, or with a switch built into one of the armrests, which are an optional extra.

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