Walking Aids

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From walking frames and wheeled rollators to sticks and crutches, a round up of walking aids for anyone who is a little unsteady or needs some support.

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Walking Frames, Walkers, Rollators
Walking Sticks and Crutches

Walking Frames and Rollators

Also known as walkers or zimmer frames, the various options available can offer more versatile support than sticks and crutches.

uniscan gpa walker open and foldedLatest rollator technology from Uniscan (left) makes storage and transportation easier, as the backrest folds up automatically with the walker, allowing it to fold even flatter.

An added advantage – this walking aid can be delivered fully assembled, so it can be used straight out of the box.

For anyone who only has the use of one arm – poststroke, for example – and requires a rollator, most of Uniscan’s four legged walkers can be fitted with a one handed bar, enabling them to be manoeuvred from just one side.

image of new Stannah fourwheeled rollatorThe walker shown on the right is a lightweight four wheeled rollator with an integral seat, enabling the user to take a rest at any time when they are out and about.

The aluminium frame has been designed so that you can take a full stride, and maintain good posture while using the walker.


walking frame picA lightweight walking frame (left) can be used indoors or out, with adjustable legs to suit the user’s height.

Check that it is narrow enough to negotiate doorways, etc, easily.

image of caddy/tray for walking frameIn the house, a clip-on caddy and tray (right) fits many walkers, and enables you to carry various items, including meals safely and conveniently.

The caddy has been designed so that it won’t upset the balance of the walking aid.

3wheel roller picA three wheeled rollator (left) is compact and folds for storage or transportation. Handles adjust in height to suit the user, and brakes control the speed of movement.

4wheel rollator picThis four wheeled rollator (right) from Able2 is stylishly designed and particularly suitable for moving over carpet and in narrow areas such as toilets and bathrooms. The clip on tray and carry bag mean that it can be used to move small items easily from room to room.

The brakes are linked, so that they can be operated with just one hand.

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Walking Sticks

Image of ladies folding walking stickimage of umbrella walking stickFor strong but discreet support, a walking stick umbrella (right) combines two useful products in one.

Adjustable in height, it has a non-slip ferrule and ergonomic handgrip, as well as a good quality umbrella.

Canes and walking sticks don’t have to be utilitarian. There are bright and stylish folding walking sticks, like this one on the left, which also has a matching umbrella.

gent's zebedee anti-shock cane

adjustable walking sticksThe stylish mens walking stick on the left is a “Zebedee”: it has a chrome spring which absorbs the jarring effect some people experience when their cane strikes the ground.

Adjustable sticks and crutches (right) can be altered to suit your height, and there is a choice of differently shaped grips.

folding sticksshopping trolley

A folding stick (left), which can be stowed in a bag when not required, is ideal if only occasional support is required.

A trolley which doubles as a seat can be doubly useful on shopping trips. Stow your purchases inside, and rest on the padded top if walking becomes too tiring.

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