Gainsborough Healthcare Group

Apr 09, 2018

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New CEO launches holistic bathing group

Gainsborough Baths, a specialist UK manufacturer celebrating 30 years of success in assisted bathing, has strengthened its trusted brands by launching the Gainsborough Healthcare Group under the leadership of new CEO Peter Eckhardt.

The Gainsborough Healthcare Group is now the parent organisation that operates Gainsborough Specialist Bathing, Abacus Specialist Bathroom Solutions and Access walk-in-baths. This represents a significant development in the healthcare sector as each proven brand is now able to leverage and synergise resources so greater value is delivered to bathers, carers and healthcare providers.

With a holistic service programme and the ability to manage the whole supply chain, the Gainsborough Healthcare Group has a specialism strength that is unique in the marketplace.
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Thirty years of innovation

Since 1988 Gainsborough Baths has been at the forefront of accessible bath innovation. Originally established by the award-winning Farmiloe brothers, this respected business has recorded significant achievements during three decades of development.

Continually focused on enhancing care for vulnerable bathers, this specialist manufacturer has raised standards across long term and acute, paediatrics and mature care. Gainsborough designs and produces assistive products with exceptional quality, aesthetics and reliability.

Its manufacturing facility in Walsall and headquarters in Redditch continue to drive excellence in variable height and powered solutions for bathers with restricted mobility.

Through its family-run heritage Gainsborough has always taken pride in its customer-centric approach – an assessment-led service delivered with empathy and understanding. This connection with bathers manifests itself in features that provides utmost safety and comfort, so a reassuring bathing experience is available to all.
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New CEO brings top-level international experience

Peter Eckhardt brings to the Group over 30 years of top level business acumen. As a senior thought-leader from internationally acclaimed businesses such as Bang & Olufsen, Peter is pioneering a new approach to assisted bathing.

His unequivocal Scandinavian focus on quality and design will now accelerate innovation, thus safeguarding future care. By synergising Peter’s visionary charisma with the established expertise of the original owners, the Gainsborough Healthcare Group has the potential for significant growth and expansion.
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Peter comments:

“Our promise is to enhance lives through bathing. Each of our proven brands will do this through a collective thrust enabled by a new group mentality. Now spanning all demographics, we can continue to strive for bathing perfection through wider specialisms. Since 1988 we have and will continue to start with the bather; we always have safety, comfort and duty of care in focus for anything we do. Our point of departure is always the bather. We engage with the customers, bathers and carers to identify and realise solutions that deliver tangible differences to peoples’ lives. We operate in a user’s paradigm with compassion and belief – and it is my personal vision to amplify our quietly spoken confidence.”

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