Understanding the Care Act

Belinda Schwehr on the Care Act
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The Care Act 2014 is a major piece of legislation which is intended to modernise and simplify the law on adult social care.

It also includes reform for the way that social care is funded, with a cap on the amount that anyone would be expected to contribute to their own care costs, as recommended by the Dilnot report.

And for the first time, it provides carers with a right to services to support them in their caring responsibilities.

Helping us to navigate our way around the new Care Act is Belinda Schwehr, the independent legal trainer and commentator, who specialises in adult social care law.

In this extended interview, we discuss the ways in which the new legislation changes the rules on social care; how the Dilnot proposals fed into the new Act, and the political and economic agenda behind these provisions; the question of top-up fees for care services, and how – if at all – people can be protected from pressure to pay fees they can’t really afford. We are also discussing the role of accumulated case law, and the vexed question of safeguarding vulnerable adults: what changes will the new legislation bring about?

Click below to listen to the interview online:

The interview lasts for about 38 minutes. If you prefer, you can download it to listen later, by using this link to the Internet Archive (it will open in a new browser window)

Further resources:
You can access free, regularly updated information about adult social care law on the Care and Health Law website (it will open in a new browser window)

Factsheets on top-up care fees are available to download from Age UK and First Stop

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2 Responses to “Understanding the Care Act”

  1. Jon Baker September 17, 2014 at 9:55 am #

    Just because a piece of legislation says local authorities have to do something does not mean they will actually do anything! There is no money nationally to pay for the ideals of the Care Act therefore it will not happen!! People will have to pay for themselves should they need anything. Simple as that!!


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