Bariatric manual handling aids

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Benmor Medical solutions for manually transferring and repositioning heavier patients

Repositioning Sheet

When a patient is to be moved higher up in the bed or turned, the repositioning sheet shown here is an excellent aid.

The repositioning sheet is designed to be placed under the patient and can be used both in combination with and instead of an ordinary sheet during the entire care period.

• 500kg (78st) safe working load
• Assists with turning a bariatric patient for personal care
• Greatly reduces number of carers needed for repositioning a bariatric patient in bed
• Eliminates handling risks to carers
• Available to hire with a mobile or gantry hoist


Lateral Transfer Slide

The lateral transfer slide has a smooth surface and a non-slip base allowing a patient to be moved from one surface to another without the need to be lifted. Used in conjunction with a transfer sheet, correct posture during the transfer is maintained. The lateral transfer slide has tapered edges to allow for easy insertion and removal.

• Size 185cm x 65cm
• Low friction surface – enables smooth patient transfers
• Tapered edges – enables easy insertion and removal of the board underneath a patient
• Eliminates the need to lift a patient – eliminates the health risks associated with lifting for carers


Transfer Sheets

bariatric transfer sheetsstandard transfer sheet

A full body-length sheet with six long handholds which can be used with the maxi mover or a bridging board to aid sliding transfers between two surfaces. The long handholds eliminate the need to bend and stretch to effect the transfer.

The transfer sheet can also be used in an emergency situation when a patient has fallen on the floor and a hoist is unavailable or inappropriate.

deluxe transfer sheet

The deluxe transfer sheet is used in the same way as the standard one, but incorporates a series of extra handholds to allow for more precise positioning of a patient during a transfer. The extra handholds also increase control during the handling task by enabling staff to maintain correct posture during the transfer.

• dimensions 190cm x 100cm – Tested to 127kg (20 stone)
• Full length sheet provides support for the whole of the patient’s body
• Long handholds eliminate the need to bend and stretch


Rota Cushions

A soft, padded, flexible turning disc ideal for use on car seats, chairs and beds. The rota cushion allows smooth swivel transfer without painful jarring and twisting. Available in two sizes.

• rota cushion standard diameter 380mm
• rota cushion large diameter 450mm


Ultra Slide Sheets

bariatric slide sheetsUltra slide sheets allow three basic patient handling tasks to be carried out without the need to lift and without the risk of sheering to the patient’s skin.

• Turning a patient: for x-ray, surgical procedures, recovery, pressure care, changing dressings or cleaning.

• Sitting a patient up in bed: for feeding or relief of chest pain.

• Patient transfers: moving a patient on or off a bed, trolley or examination couch without painful sheering to the hips and shoulders.

Large range of sizes available come to suit all sizes and shapes of patient. The ultra slide sheets are strong and durable enough to be washed and re-used time after time with the same high performance.

Custom made sizes are available on request.


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